Seven Tips For Improving The SEO of Your Blog Post


Just so I can tick off tip four

Those of us who blog do so for different reasons. Some just for the pleasure of it, some to increase our exposure, some to build our USP and others like myself for all of the above. Now over the last couple of months my partner and I have started a little sideline (building websites that sell product). Part of our marketing strategy is to blog about the subject and sometimes the product we’re selling. As I’m the writer the blogging has fallen firmly in my lap. This has meant a steep learning curve because for the first time this SEO stuff if quite important.

Now whilst I was trying to decide what to blog about this month I decided what I’ve learned might be of interest to fellow self-published authors. So here’s what I’ve discovered.

Tip one: sub-headings

You should try and include sub-headings in your blog post. These are included by clicking on the box labelled ‘normal’ and choosing sub-heading. In WordPress it’s ‘Heading 2.’ I don’t 100% understand the logic but apparently it’s something to do with how the Internet and how SEO works. Also it helps the reader following your text, as people like small chunks.

Tip two: word count

Word count should be more than 300. This apparently is the ideal length for the modern reader and gives those algorithms looking for good content something to work with.

Tip three: external links

Where ever possible you should try to include some external links. So as I’m trying to follow my own tips I’ve added some of these at the bottom of this post – they are a blatant plug for my new venture but at least at the bottom you can just ignore.

Tip four: images

Include an image or two and make sure they have captions plus ensure you also fill in the alt tag. This is done by clicking on the image and choosing ‘properties.’ Then fill in the alt tag space with some relevant text.

Tip five: focus word

Pick a focus word and use it in your title (near to the beginning of the title if you can) and a few times in your post. Do try not to use it just for the sake of it. In WordPress you can set this in the SEO section at the bottom of the page.

Tip six: title

The title length in search engines is limited to 70 characters so try to keep under 70. Also try to pick a title that will catch peoples interest. For example top tips, how to, discover the secret etc. etc.

Tip seven: labels or tags  

People place terms and words into their chosen search engine to find information related to the subject they are interested in. So pick appropriate tags or labels for your blog post and ensure you include these in the relevant box.

I hope this has been of some help to those who blog and want to make their blog posts more SEO friendly.



Now as I needed to include some external links (tip three) here are a few:

Wildlife Welcome – for those who want to encourage wildlife into their garden
The Craft Ark – aimed at the home crafter
I Collect Bags – stocked full of bags, bags, bags
Ready Aim Click – contains cameras and accessories