Author Visit With A Difference

A Book For Bramble I was recently contacted by a teacher at a local school who had set hedgehogs as the theme for a class project. She asked if I could visit the children and talk to them about the volunteer work I do with Herts Hogline (a small organisation that rescues hedgehogs). A date was arranged and I suggested I put on my author hat as well and take my picture book with me ‘A Book For Bramble.’

As I talked to the children I was amazed at the facts the already knew. Including:

  • They’re nocturnal
  • They roll into a ball to protect themselves
  • They eat slugs, snails, caterpillars, bugs etc. but you can also feed them hedgehog food or cat/dog food
  • Sadly our hedgehog population is in decline
  • There are different types of hedgehogs
  • Hedgehogs are quite good swimmers
  • A hedgehog can run up to 4 miles per hour (although I know they are fast, as I’ve had to chase escapees, I didn’t know it was that fast)

Although I enjoyed the visit I admit what arrived in the post made the visit special. An envelope containing hedgehogs thank you cards. They will go into the hedgehog shed and put on wall but before I do that I wanted to share them with you.

Lynne Garner author visit

Hedgehog thank you cards


Lynne Garner author visit

Hedgehogs galore


Lynne Garner author visit

More hedgehogs and a little mouse called Teasel

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images.


If you’re a teacher and have set the theme of hedgehogs as a project and would like me to visit please click here to contact me.

Last but not least:

This winter our hedgehogs have really struggled, many may have sadly died in the floods. So they need our help more than ever. So if you know a hedgehog visits your garden then you may wish to supply it with a new home or perhaps leave some food out.