How Teaching Is Helping My Writing

Tdead endhe few days ago I was talking to a friend who has just started a new job, which she’s loving. She’d come to the conclusion that in her previous job she reached a dead end, hence the move. Once we’d talked about her new job she asked me how my writing was going. “I just don’t have time,” was my reply.

She was surprised and asked me why. So I explained that at the moment I’m teaching so many writing courses that I only ┬áhave time to scribble ideas in my note books. She then asked if I felt my old ‘job’ of writing had reached a dead end. After thinking for a moment I realised that teaching is an extension to my writing. I love to teach new writers the tricks I use and they often teach me a few new tricks. I also realised that although I’m not writing the teaching provides me with the opportunity to bounce ideas off of people I would never normally come into contact with. So my teaching is laying down the fuel for the writing I will do during the periods I don’t teach, namely the holidays.

So rather than my writing reaching a dead end I feel a little time away from it is giving me the chance to build on my library of ideas, which I can then use to fuel my writing when I return to it.

So my advice is if you feel you’ve reached a dead end with your writing take time away from it and refresh your writing battery. It’s working for me.



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