Creative Writing

I’ve taught creative writing courses since 2011 as an employed tutor and as a freelancer. With over 20 books traditionally published I’m in the lucky position to be able to pass on my knowledge of writing techniques and how the publishing industry works.

My workshops are taught as a one-off session where one subject is covered or as a course that is typically between 5-6 weeks in length. The subjects covered and the way the sessions are run are dictated by the client and I’m happy to adjust sessions to suit the students learning requirements.

Previous workshops have included:

How To Write a Short Story
This course was set out over five parts over a period of five weeks. The aim of the course was to encourage students to unlock their creative writing skills and complete at least one story that could be submitted to a magazine or a writing competition. The subjects covered include:

  • Plot construction using the five W’s (what, where, when, why, who) and H (how)
  • Fuelling the muse by utilising different techniques to inspire
  • Using dialogue to effectively move the story forward
  • Exploring the use of point of view
  • Using the senses to add depth to a story

Writing For Pleasure and Profit
This five week (2 hours per week) course was aimed at helping the student to unlock their hidden knowledge to enable them to write features and stories based on their own interests and life experiences. Subjects covered include:

  • Using mind mapping to unlock hidden knowledge and memories
  • Structuring a non-fiction magazine feature
  • How to use life experiences as a basis for short stories or non-fiction features
  • Hints and tips for entering competitions
  • Looking for suitable markets

Quotes from previous students:

“I really learned a lot from the class. This is the first writing class I have taken where I actually sent something out at the end (and I have taken a lot of writing classes).”
A. Searcy

“… yours has been one of the most practical and the best! I would really recommend it to anyone interested in writing a children’s picture book!”
M.A. Livingston

“Thank you so much for challenging me to create a better story and for all the valuable information you have shared during this course, including the professional way you have commented on each assignment.”
K. Kirkelie

If you feel my creative writing teaching skills are of interest please contact me to discuss your needs.