I’ve been writing professionally since 1997 and had my first book published in 1999. My books have been published in UK, USA, Canada, Holland, Australia, Korea and Indonesia. I specialise in craft books for adults, activity books for children, short stories and picture books. So if you’re looking for someone to write your next book please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Books published to date:

Ten Tales of Brer Rabbit
Published October 2017 by Mad Moment Media
Brer Rabbit is a much-loved cheeky rogue who is always playing tricks on the animals of the forest and farmyard. He shares his world with friends and foes such as grumpy Brer Bear, cunning Brer Fox, and his partner in crime Brer Turtle. These tales give an opportunity to join in with the adventures of the mischief maker that is Brer Rabbit.

This amusing collection of short stories is a must-read for adults and children of all ages. Parents will love reading these tales to the youngsters, whilst older children will delight in discovering Brer Rabbit for themselves.

Harvey’s Big Sleep

Published July 2017 by Christopher Caress Books
I worked as co-authored with professional hypnotist Chris Caress to create a book that aims to help struggling parents to get their children to sleep.

Packed with colourful illustrations, the story invites children to interact with it. There’s a place for them to write their names on the first page and they are invited to invent names for all the animals and write them into the book, so their copy becomes unique and personal to them. It’s like a bedtime story they’ve created with their own imagination!



Hedgehog of Moon Meadow Farm
Published May 2017 by Mad Moment Media
Hedgehogs have appeared in myths and as the basis for proverbs for hundreds of years. By some they’ve been portrayed as thieves, stealing milk, grapes and apples. Others have portrayed the hedgehog as a trickster, a problem solver and even the assistant to the world’s creator. The eight stories in the pages of this book feature the hedgehog in many of the guises it has been given. Some of the stories are based on original that have been enjoyed by generations of people from Mongolia to Ancient Greece to Germany to Russia. As a bonus, previous retellings of some of the stories which are in the public domain have been included for your enjoyment.


Anansi The Trickster Spider – Volumes One and Two
Published 2014 by Mad Moment Media
This book contains 16 short stories which were originally published as two ebook volumes. The stories feature the African trickster character, Anansi the Trickster Spider. Anansi is as clever as he is lazy and he loves to prove just how smart he is by tricking the people of the village and the animals of the jungle. Luckily Anansi is not always as clever as he likes to think he is. Sometimes everything backfires on him and he comes the victim of his own tricks.




The Little Book of Print Making
Published 2014 by Featherstone Education
This book is packed with suggestions for fun, inclusive print-making, using objects that are low-cost and easy to obtain. It’s perfect for all ages and abilities and links to the EYFS early learning goals.

Bad Manners, Benjie!
Published 2014 by Piccadilly Press
This is a follow on title to Dog Did It! It follows the adventures of Boris, his trusted sidekick Dog and their new friend Benjie who has the manners of a human! 

The Little Book of Dens
Published 2013 by Featherstone Education
This book contains 24 ideas for budget friendly themed play dens. Included within each themed idea are suggestions for making and decorating your den, dressing-up and props, games and activities, links to the EYFS early learning goals and links to useful books and websites.

Dog Did It!new dog did it small
Published 2011 by Piccadilly Press

This books stinks! Boris loves to eat green worm porridge, even though it upsets his belly. When his belly starts to grumble and growl, growl and rumble, rumble and grumble, he knows just what’s going to happen…. He keeps blaming dog for the stinky smell and Dog is not happy about that at all! This book is about love, friendship, betrayal and farting!




The Greatest Guide to Green Living
Published 2011 by Greatest Guides
Every time we open the newspaper or turn on the TV, we are bombarded with facts on how our modern lifestyle is having a detrimental effect on the environment. Due to this increasing awareness, a growing army of people want to make changes but are unsure how to go about it. Are you one of them? Are you looking for simple ways to help the environment and save a bit of money at the same time? If so, this book is perfect for you.

The Greatest Guide to Creative Crafting
Published 2010 by Greatest Guides
Are you a craftoholic? Do you spend your life crafting? Do you want to improve the finish of your projects? Would you like to be inspired and save money at the same time? Then this is the book for you. This book covers seven of the most popular crafts and contains crafting hints and tips pooled from the knowledge base of the crafting community.

The Best Jumperthe best jumper web
Published 2008 by Piccadilly Press
It was Spindle’s Birthday. He was very excited as he opened all is presents. Finally there was only one present left. It was a jumper – the BEST jumper he had ever seen. Spindle wears his jumper everywhere but as he grows his jumper seems to be shrinking. Then Grandma has a wonderful idea. This book has been recorded for CBeeBies (part of the BBC corporation).

Celebrate with Cards

Published 2007 by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
Book conceived and produced by Breslich and Foss Ltd. Celebrate With Cards contains over 50 funky and creative ideas for designing and making a range of greeting cards, gift tags and place cards. Whether you want to announce a new home,set off a special gift or style a wedding table you’ll find oodles of inspiration in this book.


Published 2007 by Featherstone Press
Part of the Out Of School series specially developed to build lively minds through active learning. This book contains 50 games many of which only need a few players and a set of dominoes.

Games with Dice Published 2007 by Featherstone Press
Part of the Out Of School series specially developed to build lively minds through active learning. This book contains 50 games many of which only need a few players, paper and pencil for keeping score and a couple of dice.

A Book for Bramble
Published 2007 by Piccadilly Pressbramble web
Teasel wrote ‘A Book for Bramble’ in big letters and began. ‘Dear Bramble, I’m going to tell you what’s happening while you’re asleep. Then we can share winter when you wake up.” This is a heart-warming tale of Teasel mouse who misses his best friend Bramble the hedgehog.

Card Games
Published 2007 by Featherstone Press
Part of the Out Of School series specially developed to build lively minds through active learning. This book contains 50 games many of which only need a few players and a pack of cards.

Marble Games
Published 2007 by Featherstone Press
Part of the Out Of School series specially developed to build lively minds through active learning. This book contains 50 games many of which only need a few players and a bag of marbles.

Pencil & Paper Games
Published 2007 by Featherstone Press
Part of the Out Of School series specially developed to build lively minds through active learning. This book contains 50 games many of which only need a few players and some paper and a pencil.

The Complete Book of Papercraft
Published 2006 by Brelish & Foss Ltd
With a wide range of papermaking techniques and over 50 designs, this book provides all the ideas and inspiration necessary to get started making paper or crafting with paper.

Running & Racing
Published 2005 by Featherstone Press
This book is aimed at teachers, practitioners, schools, nurseries and parents who want to help children to lead more active lives. It contains 49 running and racing games divided into three sections: Can you beat your friends? – Two of us together – All together now. The games use easy to find equipment and put the fun back into exercise.

Groovy Gifts 

Published 2005 by Top That! Kids
Presents are great to make and good to receive. Show how much you care for your friends by using this fun-packed kit to make them a special gift, part of the Jacqueline Wilson Best Friends series.

5 minute Candle Making

Published 2005 by Andrews McMeel Publishers
This book comes complete a bottle of oil, wick, mould and wax so you can get started on discovering the joy of candle making straight away. Packed with hints and tips it covers everything from setting up your work area to casting your very first candle.

The Little Book of Dough
Published 2004 by Featherstone Press
This book contains 34 recipes for creating fun with home-made dough. Find out how to make dough using everyday items ranging from simple flour to sawdust or shampoo. Many of the dough recipes are also supported by a simple to make project, ideal for little hands

African Crafts

Published 2004 by British Museum Press
This title features many of Lynne’s images taken whilst on a fact-finding trip to Ghana. It covers the history of five age-old crafts and then supplies step-by-step instructions on how to create your own version of these ancient skills.

Native American Bead Weaving
Published 2003 by Guild of Master Craftsmen
Inspired by Native American bead weaving this book contains a selection of projects with a contemporary twist. Using basic equipment, simple skills and the step-by-step instructions you will easily recreate the items designed specially for this book. Beading patterns are included when required.

Candle Making
Published 2001 by Crowood Press
Candles provide the finishing touch for any occasion whether it’s romantic, fun or relaxing. This book shows you how to make your own candles using basic and improvised equipment. This book will provide inspiration for those already caught by the candle making bug and the complete novice.

Rubber Stamping with other crafts

Published 1999 by Guild of Master Craftsmen
Combine the art of rubber-stamping with a range of techniques to create a range of items suitable for the home and as gifts for family and friends. This book contains 20 projects each one is explained step-by-step and is complimented by full colour photographs showing each crucial step.